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Teen Personality Test | Teen INSIGHT Inventory Personality Test  

Student/Teen INSIGHT Inventory
A personality assessment that helps teens:

Discover personality strengths
Improve communication skills
Build self-esteem
Develop leadership skills


The INSIGHT Inventory reveals teen personality styles and identifies the positive strengths associated with each trait.

Teens learn how environments (school, home, and hanging out with friends) plus stress affect their behavioral styles.

Teens learn how to identify other people’s styles and flex (temporarily adapt) their style to improve communication skills.

Ideal Uses

Youth Groups & Organizations
Church Youth Groups
Classroom Curriculums
Counseling Centers
Career Counseling
Youth Retreats & Conferences
Summer Camps



The Student/Teen Insight Inventory
Self-scoring assessment
8-page interpretive booklet
Positive terms that do not promote labeling
Validated with research and statistical data provided
Developed by a Ph.D. - LEARN MORE

Instructor certification is NOT required. Any teacher, youth leader, or counselor can successfully present the material using the Facilitator’s Tool Kit.

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