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Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

The Key to Improving People Skills is Self-Knowledge

The INSIGHT Inventory was designed from inception as a training self-discovery instrument to get teenagers actively involved in leadership, communication and team building programs.

The INSIGHT Inventory teaches teens to see their own strengths as well as see other people’s strengths. In this way, teens build self-respect as well as respect for others; whether people have similar or different personality styles from them.

The Student/Teen INSIGHT Inventory is a personality assessment used in classes, seminars and workshops to help teens:

  • Identify and understand their personality traits
  • Discover the strengths associated with each trait
  • Learn how stress and environments (school, home and hanging out with friends) affects their behavioral style
  • Flex (temporarily adapt) their style to improve communication with others

The basic program can be presented in as little as one hour. However, with the discussion activities and skill building exercises it can become a half or full day workshop. The Teen INSIGHT Inventory is used in programs such as:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication
  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Conflict resolution
  • Career planning
  • Counseling
  • One-to-one coaching

View the components of the Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory.

Teen Personality Assessment | Student/Teen Insight Inventory

Instructor certification is NOT  required to use the Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory.

Any teacher, youth leader, or counselor can successfully present the material using the step-by-by guide in the Facilitator's Tool Kit.

Organizations that use the Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory:

Cedars Youth Services
Estes Park Church of Christ
Hiram College
Oklahoma Army National Guard
People to People Ambassador Program
St. Christoper's School
UALR Children International

Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

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Facilitator's Tool Kit

Quick-Start Guide PowerPoint® Slides Training DVD