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Student | Teen Program Outline

Program Title: Controlling Yourself When You’re Upset
Setting (example): At Risk Youth Workshop
Goal: Managing stress and emotions better
Tool: Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

Mrs. Strauss needed to help teens learn how to better control their behavior when under stress. She wanted them to see the connection between which situations they found stressful and their personality styles. And finally, she wanted the teens to learn how to better control their reactions and behavior when under stress.

Mrs. Strauss decided to use the Student/Teen INSIGHT Inventory as a self-discovery tool for the teens in her At Risk Youth group. She created a one-hour workshop titled “Controlling Yourself When You’re Upset.” The teens will:

  • Learn why different people are “stressed out” by different things
  • Identify their own personality characteristics
  • Recognize what situations upset them the most
  • Anticipating how they will react when under stress and how this relates to their personality style
  • Plan what they will do different the next time

With just a one-hour workshop, the Inventory gave Mrs. Strauss the tool she needed. In the first 20 minutes she introduced the topic and had the students complete and score their inventory.

She gave a quick ten-minute interpretation of the four scales and then went to the section on understanding and anticipating your reactions to stress.

The teens were then asked to break into small groups and discuss their responses to this section and then report back to the workshop. As teens talked about what they planned to do differently in the future, they also created action plans for changing their behavior in positive ways.

Use the INSIGHT Inventory as a positive solution to make the most out of a short amount of time with teenagers. Knowing their personality strengths can help them learn to cope with stress in their life.

Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

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