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Components of the Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

The Teen INSIGHT Inventory is an easy-to-use, self-scoring personality profile test that helps teens gain in-depth knowledge about their personality strengths, understand others better, and improve communication skills.

The INSIGHT Inventory is:

  • Easy to use, understand and apply
  • Simple to administer and score
  • Strengths-based, uses positive language
  • Practical and behavioral based - presents behaviors at school and at home
  • Descriptive rather than labeling – no boxes, codes or colors
  • Fully validated with comprehensive research and statistical norming

The Teen INSIGHT Inventory was designed from inception as a training self-discovery instrument to get teenagers actively involved in leadership, communication and teamwork courses.

Teen Personality Profile Test | Teen Personality InventoryThe INSIGHT Inventory is so straightforward and easy to understand that it can be completed and scored in just minutes. Facilitators spend less time explaining the tool, and more time training.

Key features:

  • 32 descriptive terms using positive language
  • Self-scorable design for instant results


Unlike many other personality style instruments, the INSIGHT Inventory recognizes that teen’s behavior may change from one place to another based on role expectations, stress, and peer pressure.

So, to give teens a more accurate, well-rounded assessment of their behavioral styles, it provides two profiles – one of their school style (behavior at school) and another of their personal style (behavior at home).

Teens will see – perhaps for the first time – how their behavior may change from one setting to another. This helps them learn how to "flex" their style to adapt to different situations and communicate with others in a way which solves problems and avoids conflict.

The INSIGHT Inventory measures behavioral preferences on four traits:

Teen Personality Profile Test | Teen Personality InventoryA) Getting Your Way (Indirect or Direct)
How you express your thoughts and opinions.

B) Responding to Others (Reserved or Outgoing)
How you approach and respond to others.

C) Pacing Activity (Urgent or Steady)
The speed at which you make decisions and take action.

D) Dealing with Details (Unstructured or Precise)
How you structure time and organize tasks.


Teen Personality Profile Test | Teen Personality InventoryThe interpretive booklet provides in-depth information about the personality traits and easy-to-follow guidelines for applying and achieving practical results.

By working through the step-by-step instructions in the booklet teens move through a process of:

  • marking items that apply to them
  • answering questions about their profiles

This gets teens involved with the material immediately and allows them to personalize it so that it's relevant to them.

Activities include:

  • Identifying the positive characteristics of their personalities
  • Exploring how environments affect behavior
  • Understanding their reactions to stress
  • Learning to flex (temporarily change) their behavior to communicate better with others
Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

Self-scoring assessment
8-page interpretive booklet
Normed & validated
Developed by a Ph.D.

Facilitator's Tool Kit

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