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Student | Teen Program Outline

Program Title: Team Building with INSIGHT
Setting (example): High School Student Council
Goal: Effective team communication
Tool: Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

Every year a new student council is elected by students at Danville Senior High School. In the past, much of the year would pass before the students got to know each other and could begin to work together effectively.

The faculty sponsor, Mr. Pritchard, decided to begin the new year with a two hour team-building program to help the group get off to a quick start and work more effectively with each other.

Program title: Team Building with INSIGHT

Hour one:

  • Take and interpret the INSIGHT Inventory
  • Share how teams accomplish more than individuals
  • Identify typical communication problems teams encounter
  • Focus on identifying students’ own personality strengths

Hour two:

  • Learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and talents
  • Flex your style to communicate better
  • Learn to negotiate rather than argue
  • Select committees based on differences

Mr. Prichard’s student council members learned that by identifying and describing their own personality strengths they could see how to contribute to the council. The increased level of self-confidence for each student meant they got more involved and were able to assemble subcommittees based on a good mix of different styles.

Students learned that rather than let personality differences lead to disagreements, they could good-naturedly tease each other about their differences. It was a great way to break the tension, respect their differences, and find solutions.

By building on their strengths and seeing each other’s differences as assets, the council got off to a quick start and was effective the entire year.

Use the INSIGHT Inventory to quickly help students get to know one another and work together.

Student | Teen INSIGHT Inventory

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