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Patrick Handley, Ph.D.
Message from Dr. Handley

Founder & Director of the Insight Institute, Inc.

Author & Publisher of the INSIGHT Inventory

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Over 25 Years of Experience in Personality Assessments & Team Building

Dr. Patrick Handley is a licensed psychologist, management consultant, and professional speaker. He founded and is director of the Insight Institute, Inc., an organization that creates and publishes training and educational materials. He travels internationally presenting programs to business managers and educators on such topics as team-building, leadership, behavioral management, and personal effectiveness. His materials have been translated into six languages.

Dr. Handley authored the INSIGHT Inventory. It is one of the most widely used products created by him and it has been used by psychologists, counselors, and corporate trainers for over 20 years. The eINSIGHT Inventory has recently been joined by special application versions, Student/Teen INSIGHT Inventory, Interviewing with Insight, Selling with INSIGHT and Teaming Up with INSIGHT.

Dr. Handley has also authored a comprehensive set of team-building materials, the Insight Team-Development Modules. These materials help “ordinary” work groups make the transition to becoming “extraordinary” teams. The Modules evolved over the course of 9 years of research and are used by many organizations.

Dr. Handley obtained a Ph.D. in counseling psychology in 1980 at the University of Missouri. He completed his primary area of study in personality assessment and support areas in career management and organizational development. He held faculty appointments at two universities, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the University of Missouri, Kansas City. In these positions he taught graduate level psychology, personality testing, and organizational development courses, directed a career development center, and served as an advisor on doctoral dissertation committees.

Dr. Handley has worked for 23 years in the field of organizational training and specializes in team development and personality assessment. Prior to beginning his own publishing and consulting company, Dr. Handley worked as an employee in corporate settings holding such positions as: performance improvement specialist, manager of a human resource department, director of management training, and manager of career development.

Dr. Handley conducts seminars, workshops, and team development programs and is particularly excited about consultations that involve changing traditional corporate systems into strengths-based team cultures.

The center of Patrick’s personal world is his wife Melanie and their two children, Lauren and Shea. Time permitting, he is an accomplished oil painter and raises and trains Andalusian horses. He and his family reside in Kansas City, MO.